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Equipment for automatic extraction of soil samples from fields and registering the locations with GPS for Site-Specific mapping of your fields

Our Automatic soil samplers take homogeneous soil samples upto 30 cm (approx. 12”) or upto 60cm (approx. 24"). The depth can vary infinitely from 10 - 30 cm (approx. 4” – 12”) or 30 - 60 cm (approx. 12”-24”).

The soil sample is taken with a probe and not as other soil sampling machines do with an auger. This means that our soil sampling machines take a completely homogenous sample, being a cone of soil that is taken at the preferred depth. If the sample is taken with an auger, you will always take more material from the top layers than the lower layers of soil.

Versatile and quick

Our automatic soil samplers are distinguished by the fact that they can take soil samples in any kind of soil – also newly ploughed soil. The specially developed probe has a distinct size, which takes about 300 grams of soil in 10-14 sticks. This is the general quantity of soil to be used at the laboratories for analysis. The soil sample is automatically filled into the box that is sent to the laboratories, which means a quick and effective way of getting through work.

The Wintex 1000 has a capacity of 38 soil samples per hour with 10 sticks in each, which means 380 sticks per hour, as all functions are carried out from the driver's seat.

Carrier vehicles

Our automatic soil sampling machines can be mounted on many different carrier vehicles. They are most often mounted on ATV's but can also be mounted on tractors or even on cars or pickup trucks. All they need is a 12v power supply and hydraulic oil pressure. A separate oil pump can be included in the delivery.

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